Duke University Linguistics Program

The Linguistics Program at Duke is a unique inter-disciplinary program offering undergraduate classes, majors and minors, and honors thesis supervision. We look at the use and structure of language in many contexts, and from many different perspectives.

The Program draws on faculty expertise from across the university to provide an education which is both deep and broad. Particular research and teaching strengths include language and the brain (neurolinguistics), language change (historical linguistics), language and society (sociolinguistics) and language and politics.

Linguistics majors are able to analyze and use language effectively, but they also develop excellent problem-solving, pattern-recognition and critical thinking skills that are highly valued in the job and graduate school markets. Many students go on to law or medical school, or other post-graduate training; others successfully pursue careers in a variety of fields including the media, advertising and marketing, finance, and education.

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    • Multilingualism in London, England

    • specii
    • Analyzing speech sounds in detail with Wavesurfer spectrographic software.

    • akkadian
    • Akkadian, a language of the Middle East. Written records can be dated from around 2500 BC.

    • treelanguages
    • angsax2
    • Early writing of Anglo-Saxon, the parent language of English (circa. 5th - 9th centuries)

    • chrokee2
    • The written form for the Cherokee language.

    • sahin fmri noun verb inflection summary
    • Areas of the brain in use in producing and processing language.

    • phoenician alphabet
    • The Phonecian Alphabet, circa. 1400 BC

    • lindisfarne gospels1
    • The Lindisfarne Gospels, written in Northumbria in the UK in the late 7th or early 8th centuries.

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Department Chair

Professor Edna Andrews

Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor of Slavic and Eurasian Studies and Director, CSEEES

321B Languages Building

Campus Box 90259

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