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About the Undergraduate Program

Linguistics majors are able to analyze and use language effectively, but they also develop excellent problem-solving, pattern-recognition and critical thinking skills that are highly valued in the job and graduate school markets. Many students go on to law or medical school, or other post-graduate training; others successfully pursue careers in a variety of fields including the media, advertising and marketing, finance, and education.

    • specii
    • Analyzing speech sounds in detail with Wavesurfer spectrographic software.

    • chrokee2
    • The written form for the Cherokee language.

    • sahin fmri noun verb inflection summary
    • Areas of the brain in use in producing and processing language.

    • angsax2
    • Early writing of Anglo-Saxon, the parent language of English (circa. 5th - 9th centuries)

    • phoenician alphabet
    • The Phonecian Alphabet, circa. 1400 BC

    • akkadian
    • Akkadian, a language of the Middle East. Written records can be dated from around 2500 BC.

    • lindisfarne gospels1
    • The Lindisfarne Gospels, written in Northumbria in the UK in the late 7th or early 8th centuries.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Edna Andrews

Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor of Slavic and Eurasian Studies and Director, CSEEES

321B Languages Building

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