Spring 2017

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
LINGUIST 170 ADVERTISING/SOCIETY: GLOBAL History and development of commercial advertising; advertising as a reflector and/or creator of... O'Barr, William
LINGUIST 201 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS Introduction to the scientific study of linguistics and languages. Topics include the origin and... Clements, Gail
LINGUIST 202 LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD The major languages of the world viewed in the context of the communicative and significate... Baran, Dominika
LINGUIST 205 THE LAW AND LANGUAGE Intersections of language and law and legal institutions examined from a comparative approach, i.e... Newcity, Michael
LINGUIST 206 VARIETY IN LANGUAGE English language variation in the United States considered from a current sociolinguistic... Clements, Gail
LINGUIST 301 ADVANCED SPANISH GRAMMAR Intended to foster students' reflection about Spanish grammar and to consolidate students'... Navarro Roncero, Luis
LINGUIST 305S ITALIAN SOCIOLINGUISTICS Linguistic diversity in modern Italy. Social and geographic language variation, multilingualism,... Fellin, Luciana
LINGUIST 308S BILINGUALISM Examination of bilingualism at the individual, interpersonal, and social levels from... Kim, Hae-Young
LINGUIST 309S SPANISH IN THE U.S. Focus on linguistic development and current presence of Spanish in the United States. Students will... Munné, Joan
LINGUIST 364 GENDER AND LANGUAGE Theoretical approaches to the question of the interrelationship of gender and language including... Andrews, Edna
LINGUIST 390S SP TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS Topics vary each semester. Instructor: Staff Baran, Dominika
LINGUIST 409S LINGUISTIC RIGHTS This course brings together the topics of language and human rights, exploring questions of... Paredes, Liliana
LINGUIST 450S JR/SR SEMINAR LINGUISTICS Theory and methods of comparative linguistics. Diachronic and synchronic approaches to the study of... Andrews, Edna
LINGUIST 471S LANGUAGE AND POLITICS Will examine the interfaces between language, migration, and socio-political structures in the... Price, Gareth
LINGUIST 490S SP TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS Topics vary by semester. Instructor: Staff Price, Gareth
LINGUIST 590 SPECIAL TOPICS Study of theoretical and applied linguistics. Contrast and comparison of both theoretical... Price, Gareth