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#Occupy Wall Street and the Language of Resistance

As the #OccupyWallStreet protest enters its third week, I was finally able to head down to Zuccotti Park aka Liberty Plaza to get a first hand sense of what was happening.

In Arizona, Complaints That an Accent Can Hinder a Teacher’s Career

PHOENIX — When Guadalupe V. Aguayo puts her hand to her heart, faces the American flag in the corner of her classroom and leads her second-graders in the Pledge of Allegiance, she says some of the words — like allegiance, republic and indivisible — with a noticeable accent. (New York Times)

First 'chatbot' conversation ends in argument

Artificial intelligence robots have held a conversation with one another for the first time with surprising and surreal results. (BBC)

Robots develop language to 'talk' to each other

Robots are developing their own language to help them navigate and improve their intellectual ability. (BBC)

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