Fall 2017

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
LINGUIST 114FS THE POWER OF POETRY Takes different approaches to thinking through the relationship of poetry to power and the place... Need, David
LINGUIST 190FS SPECIAL TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS Topics vary by semester. For students in the FOCUS program. Instructor: Staff Fellin, Luciana
LINGUIST 195FS COGN/LINGUISTIC HUMAN RIGHTS Explores identity with respect to cognitive or mental processes that guide social interaction and... Paredes, Liliana
LINGUIST 201 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS Introduction to the scientific study of linguistics and languages. Topics include the origin and... Price, Gareth
LINGUIST 208 PHILOSOPHY OF MIND Such topics as mind and body, the nature of thought, perception, consciousness, personal identity,... Beninger, Max
LINGUIST 212FS LAW, ETHICS & RESPONSIBILITY Examines the intersection of law and neuroscience, including the use of neuroimaging to determine... Newcity, Michael
LINGUIST 213FS THE POLITICS OF LANGUAGE Examines the political role of language in societies as diverse as China, India, the former Soviet... Price, Gareth
LINGUIST 216FS NEUROSCIENCE / HUMAN LANGUAGE Same as Linguist 216S; open only to students in the Focus Program. Instructor: Andrews Andrews, Edna
LINGUIST 250 SYMBOLIC LOGIC Detailed analysis of deduction and of deductive systems. Open to sophomores by consent of... Brandon, Robert
LINGUIST 304 FRENCH COMP/TRANSLATION Advanced Translation and Stylistics. Cultural and social difference between French and English... Provot, Karine
LINGUIST 384S LANGUAGE AND MIGRATION Examines histories, theories, and praxes of translation, with attention to both the formal elements... Chow, Eileen
LINGUIST 389S LINGUIST HUMAN RIGHTS/AMERICA This DukeImmerse course brings together topics of language and human rights, focusing on situations... Paredes, Liliana
LINGUIST 390S SP TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS Topics vary each semester. Instructor: Staff Tetel, Julie
LINGUIST 396S LANGUAGE IN IMMIGRANT AMERICA Discussion of issues of language in the context of immigration in the United States, from the turn... Baran, Dominika
LINGUIST 451 LANGUAGE AND SOCIETY Course examines language as a social practice, focusing on different aspects of its role in social... Baran, Dominika
LINGUIST 473S NEUROSCIENCE & MULTILINGUALISM In-depth analysis of PET, fMRI, MEG, EEG/ERP studies of multilingualism and their implications for... Andrews, Edna
LINGUIST 590S SPECIAL TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS Same as Linguistics 590 except instruction is provided in a seminar format. Instructor: Staff Baran, Dominika