Community and Linguistics at Duke

International House offers diverse cross-cultural programs to help students, scholars, and Duke community members from all over the world learn from each other and become open-minded global citizens.

Langages at Duke

Duke offers many opportunities for students pursuing a second language proficiency. Our goal is for all Duke students to develop proficiency in a second language in order to explore foreign cultures, histories and literatures, gain an understanding and appreciation for culture in as embodied in language, and bring a cultural perspective to bear to enhance understanding of issues of similarity and difference. Learn more:

Web Resources

The Linguist List -

Blogs to Follow

  • Language Log: Mark Liberman's (UPenn) online community featuring contributions from many of the top linguists in the US. Multi-authored, with the caveat that you may find some authors or posts more interesting or accessible than others; very good for: calling out bad linguistics in the news, lively and intelligent comment section, comprehensive blog roll along the side, highlighting other interesting work in guest posts)
  • Superlinguo (general linguistics, accessibly written) 
  • The Ling Space (See also the Ling Space’s youtube channel, but they also post additional interesting explanations on their tumblr blog)
  • Ask The League of Nerds (questions, often linguistic, answered in a fun style)
  • Sentence First (especially good link roundups)
  • The Lingua File (a lot of posts about lesser-known languages and translation, but also an older series that’s a good intro to linguistics)
  • Prototumblinguist (great entry point into the tumblr linguistics fandom)

Specific topics: