Research Opportunities

Independent Study

Linguistics faculty are able to offer research independent study in a wide range of areas, including cognitive neurolinguistics, sociolinguistics (migration, language and politics, gender and language, variety in language, and other topics), historical and synchronic linguistics. Linguistic faculty with regional expertise include Romance, Slavic, Germanic, Asian & Middle Eastern, and Classical Studies.

Application Process

Students should submit a short proposal with working bibliography and abstract to Students may wish to consult with the DUS or any faculty member in the Linguistics Program. If students are unsure of who might be suitable for their particular focus, they may still submit the proposal. The deadlines for proposals are:

  • For the fall semester: by August 1st
  • For the spring semester: by November 15th

For additional questions, please contact the DUS, Professor Edna Andrews.

Courses and Requirements

LINGUIST 493/494 Research Independent Study (R) Individual research and reading in a field of special interest, under the supervision of a faculty member, resulting in a substantive paper or written report containing significant analysis and interpretation of a previously approved topic. Consent of instructor and director of undergraduate studies required. Instructor: Staff. One course.

Linguistics independent studies courses do NOT count toward the major requirements of 10 courses.

All independent studies require a substantial research paper or a significant portion of a larger research project (25 pages minimum, 40 peer-reviewed sources) in order to receive a grade. Face-to-face meetings with the instructor are required.  

All research independent studies must conform with the Duke policies and applications should be made accordingly. Review the undergraduate research independent study policy here:

"Meeting schedule—In addition to the individual effort of the student, the student will meet with the supervisor and/or instructor of the independent study at least once every two weeks during the fall or spring semester (at least once a week during the summer). The amount of time spent on the independent study, including meetings, should average at least 12 hours per week for 15 weeks, or at least 180 hours in total "
- Trinity policy