Course Numbering Scheme

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Course Number Title Crosslisting Numbers
LINGUIST114FS The Power of Poetry
LINGUIST115FS Games and the Brain NEUROSCI157FS
LINGUIST123FS When the Head's in Trouble: Language, Lesions and Loss NEUROSCI123FS
LINGUIST124FS Remembering Differently
LINGUIST170 Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CULTANTH170 , SOCIOL160 , VMS170 , ICS169 , CANADIAN, PJMS, WOMENST
LINGUIST170D Advertising and Society: Global Perspective (DS4) CULANTH170D , SOCIOL160D , VMS170D
LINGUIST190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST190FS Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST199FS Individual Health Behavior and Health Education
LINGUIST201 Introduction to Linguistics CULANTH201 , ICS 282
LINGUIST202 Languages of the World CULANTH202 , RUSSIAN362 , ICS210
LINGUIST203 Elements of Linguistic Structure
LINGUIST204 English Historical Linguistics ENGLISH204 , ICS220
LINGUIST205 The Law and Language CULANTH205
LINGUIST205FS Language and the Law SES205FS
LINGUIST206 Variety in Language: English in the United States ENGLISH206
LINGUIST207 Psychology of Language (C) PSY256
LINGUIST208 Philosophy of Mind PHIL212 , VMS302 , ISIS
LINGUIST209 Philosophy of Language PHIL209
LINGUIST210FS The Mind and Language ENGLISH209FS
LINGUIST210S The Mind and Language ENGLISH209S
LINGUIST211FS The Neuroscience of Reading & Language Comprehension NEUROSCI111FS
LINGUIST212FS Law, Ethics & Responsibility PUBPOL250FS
LINGUIST213FS The Politics of Language SES215FS , POLSCI185FS , ICS228FS
LINGUIST216FS Neuroscience and Human Language RUSSIAN216FS , NEUROSCI116FS
LINGUIST216S Neuroscience and Human Language RUSSIAN216S, NEUROSCI116S
LINGUIST217FS Language, Thought & Culture ROMANCE STUDIES 217FS
LINGUIST250 Symbolic Logic PHIL250 , ISIS305L
LINGUIST301 Advanced Spanish Grammar SPANISH302
LINGUIST302S French Phonetics FRENCH329S
LINGUIST303 Fundamentals of Spanish Linguistics SPANISH304
LINGUIST304 French Composition and Translation FRENCH304
LINGUIST305S Italian Sociolinguistics ITALIAN303S
LINGUIST306S Korean Sociolinguistics AMES378S
LINGUIST308S Bilingualism AMES308S
LINGUIST336S Issues in Language Development (C, D) PSY336S , Child Policy Research
LINGUIST361 Language Technologies and Culture Acquisition RUSSIAN361 , ISIS305L
LINGUIST364 Gender and Language RUSSIAN364 , CULANTH232 , ICS207 , WOMENST232
LINGUIST390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST390S Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST390S-01 Topics in Spanish Linguistics SPANISH390S-5
LINGUIST396S Language in Immigrant America ENGLISH396S , CULANTH397S, SES396S , ICS396S
LINGUIST410S Linguistics and Law (DS4)
LINGUIST450S Junior/Senior Seminar in Linguistics
LINGUIST451 Language and Society ENGLISH395 , SES385, CULANTH212, ICS395
LINGUIST469SA Language, Technology and Social Change in India
LINGUIST471S Language and Politics: Eurasian Perspectives SES484S , SOCIOL471S , PUBPOL208S
LINGUIST472S Cold War Texts: Politics, Propaganda and Pop Culture SES434S , SOCIOL472S , PUBPOL472S , ICS472S
LINGUIST473S Neuroscience and Multilingualism RUSSIAN439S , NEUROSCI439S
LINGUIST480S Critical Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method
LINGUIST490S Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST493 Research Independent Study
LINGUIST494 Research Independent Study
LINGUIST501 Cognitive and Neurolinguistics RUSSIAN510 , NEUROSCI501S
LINGUIST502S Language, Brain, and Human Behavior PSY670S
LINGUIST503S Language Evolution and Acquisition ENGLISH503S
LINGUIST506S Semiotics and Linguistics (DS4) RUSSIAN506S
LINGUIST510 Brain and Language (B, C) PSY575 , NEUROSCI510
LINGUIST512 Structure of French FRENCH512
LINGUIST512S Topics in Spanish Linguistics SPANISH512S
LINGUIST528S Recent and Contemporary Philosophy PHIL628S
LINGUIST560 History of the German Language GERMAN560, MEDREN607
LINGUIST561S Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics GERMAN561S
LINGUIST562S Old Norse: Introduction to the Language of Viking Scandinavia GERMAN510S, MEDREN609S
LINGUIST564 Russian and Slavic Linguistics SES564
LINGUIST590 Special Topics
LINGUIST590S Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST595 Language, Music and Dementia: Neuroscience Approaches Neuroscience 595, Music 595
LINGUIST890 Special Topics in Linguistics
LINGUIST890S Special Topics in Linguistics